The States With the Best Government-Funded Detox Program

Detox, or detoxification, refers to the process of removing toxins from the body. People use these terms normally in conjunction with some sort of substance abuse, mostly drugs and alcohol. An individual who goes through detox uses various methods, such as abstinence from the substance, medicine to help decontaminate the body and possible other natural substances until the body and blood no longer carries the toxin. Depending on the amount of toxins in the body and length of the addiction or abuse, detox causes withdrawal. Withdrawal includes a number of symptoms that afflict a person once he or she stops taking the substance such as sickness, depression, anxiety, craving, seizures and delirium. Sometimes withdrawal from some substances causes death, which means that those individuals must not stop "cold turkey" and without medical assistance. Usually, detox includes halfway drugs which eases the person away from the drugs and lessens the severity of the symptoms at the same time.

Government-funded detox programs

When choosing whether to attend a state or government funded detox program or a privately funded one, individuals or families must know a few things. State and government programs, though quality and free generally have limitations. These usually only offer 12-step methods, and replacement drug therapy that may not work for every patient. These normally do not include alternative treatments, dual diagnosis and other amenities.

States with best funding

New York state spends more money on government-funded detox and treatment programs than any other state. It has ample funding for such programs, although in same cases, patients check in and out of these programs dozens of times a year. Nevada also offers several state-funded treatment centers which are either free or low-cost.

Detox remains a serious issue and those seeking treatment should not do it on their own, because of serious health effects. State-funded and government-funded programs offer many possibilities.

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